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SIDDIQUE SONS ENGINEERING is a leading, well-reputed, renowned and Govt of Pakistan and WAPDA/PEPCO approved manufacturer/Supplier of Switchgear controlgears and sub-station equipment in Pakistan incorporated for the production and supply of complete range of 11 KV Switchgear Panels, 11 KV potential transformers, LT & HT current transformers, LT Switchgear, Control Panels, Relay Panels, AC/DC Auxiliary Panels, Bulk Metering Panels. SSE has also supplied relays, meters, surge arresters, Circuit breakers, power transformers, isolators, C.T. and P.T., CVT, CCVT, Capacitors racks, columns and beams for grid station and other sub-station equipment for WAPDA and Industrial use ranging for voltage 400V-500KV.

SSE has a mission to act as an institution working for the advancement and development of engineering and modern technology and to provide employment opportunity to people for economic prosperity of Pakistan with international standards for reliable power supply. All products are being designed, manufactured and supplied as per our client requirement. Our factory is fully equipped with latest machinery and test equipment for reliable and regular manufacturing of Quality Products. SSE has its own testing lab, which includes latest international standard testing sets for all testing facilities as per WAPDA/PEPCO standards and requirements.

SSE manufacturing is based on TQC (Total Quality Control) method. These features have been developed with the decade of field experience for trouble free and reliable performance of the equipment. SSE has established a Quality Assurance System as per ISO-9001 procedures and has focused all of its activities on customer need and requirement. We have developed a competent team of professionals for the satisfactory execution of all projects starting from Design to after sale services. SSE has supplied and installed electrical equipments to the projects of National importance against Local and International contracts with WAPDA/PEPCO, Textiles, Steel, Medicine, Oil, Paper and Board Industries and many other national and international organizations. With its top quality and competitive products SSE is playing and important role in the development of power sector in the country for industry as well as WAPDA.

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